Oscar Sunday Coverage: Catch Dave Karger on E! + More on Fandango

Posted by Derrick Deane on February 22, 2013

We're finally here! Oscars weekend has arrived and awards season comes to an end  on Sunday. Fandango's Chief Correspondent Dave Karger has been giving you his picks for who is going to win on Oscar night (if you've missed it, jump over to the The Frontrunners video series to catch up) and he'll be providing expert commentary on the red carpet on the E! channel live beginning at 10:30 a.m. pst Sunday with the Oscar Countdown show, followed by red carpet coverage from... More

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Three New Mondo Posters for Oscar-Nominated Movies

Posted by Derrick Deane on February 21, 2013

Earlier today, Mondo sold out of a limited edition Battle Royale poster illustrated by Kevin Tong and Scott Pilgrim creator/writer/illustrator Bryan Lee O'Malley. While you can jump over to eBay for that poster, Alamo Drafthouse's poster division is moving on by offering up three new posters for Oscar-nominated films. The posters will be on sale Sunday during the Oscar telecast. Here are the first three posters from Mondo's Oscar series. Click on them for larger versions. More posters... More

One Big Scene: Nine Memorable Moments from the Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Posted by Sean Oconnell on February 21, 2013

Regular readers know that our weekly One Big Scene column showcases an eye-popping, emotionally stirring sequence in a theatrical movie that – we believe – justifies the cost of a movie ticket. These scenes are so big, they absolutely must be seen on the big screen, because they just won’t have the same impact if and when you wind up seeing these movies on your home theater system months from now.    With the Academy Awards set for Sunday, Feb. 24, audiences have... More

Oscars: Experts Predict the Best Actor and Actress Races

Posted by Sean Oconnell on February 21, 2013

Fandango was privileged to be part of a panel of movie experts invited by MTV News to dissect this year's top Oscar categories and deliver our predictions.  MTV correspondent Joshua Horowitz led myself, VH1’s Janelle Snowden, Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich and Extra’s Ben Lyons in a spirited, entertaining discussion on this year’s Oscar nominees for segments that will be streaming in during the week as we lead up to the Oscar telecast.    ... More

Fandango Helps MTV Pick the Oscar Winners: Best Supporting Actor and Actress

Posted by Sean Oconnell on February 20, 2013

Fandango recently visited the New York offices of MTV News, where correspondent Joshua Horowitz invited Oscar experts for a series of lively chats about the top categories in this Sunday’s Academy Awards. Together with VH1’s Janelle Snowden, Entertainment Weekly’s Darren Franich and Extra’s Ben Lyons, we hashed out who we thought should win in the major Oscar categories, who actually will win, and who was on the outside looking in. Our predictions will be streaming in... More

'Avengers' 'Argo' Soar, 'Twilight,' 'Prometheus' Stumble in Movies Without Pity Awards Poll Results

Posted by Derrick Deane on February 20, 2013

Voting has come to an end for the Movies Without Pity Awards and the results are in. The month-long awards season promotion from the folks over at found that fans are still in love with the Avengers, still bitter about Prometheus and have Ben Affleck's back. While The Avengers earned only one Oscar nomination for best visual effects, Marvel's superhero team flexed their muscle winning eight categories including Best Movie of the Year, Best Blockbuster and... More

Chatter: Which Best Picture Nominee Must be Seen on the Big Screen?

Posted by Sean Oconnell on February 18, 2013

This is your last week to catch the Best Picture nominees in theaters before a winner is declared at the Academy Awards, which will be telecast on Sunday, Feb. 24 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.    Most film fans go out of their way to see all of the Best Picture nominees on the big screen. This year, there are nine: Amour; Argo; Beasts of the Southern Wild; Django Unchained; Les Miserables; Life of Pi; Lincoln; Silver Linings Playbook; and Zero Dark Thirty.    All caught Oscar’s... More

You Pick the Oscar Winner: Best Picture

Posted by Derrick Deane on February 15, 2013

Alas we've arrived at the granddaddy of awards categories. The crown jewel of Oscar night. One of nine films will go down in movie history as being the best film for 2012. Whether the deserving film gets selected will certainly be up for debate. Let's first look at the favorites. Lincoln enters the Oscars with the most nominations, which doesn’t necessarily translate into it dominating Oscar night, but the plethora of nominations certainly hints that the Academy thinks highly... More

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Oscar Discussion: How Do We Tell Supporting Performances from Leading? Should It Be Based on Time On Screen?

Posted by Christopher Campbell on February 15, 2013

The difference between a feature film and a short, according to the Academy Awards, is 40 minutes. More than 40 is feature-length, and 40 and under is short subject. It’s that easy to define. Performances are another matter entirely. There is no defined length of screen time for an actor or actress that makes their performance qualify for the leading or the supporting category. And it’s an issue for some people who wonder why, say, Christoph Waltz is featured in 97 minutes of Django... More

You Pick the Oscar Winner: Best Actor

Posted by Derrick Deane on February 14, 2013

Daniel Day-Lewis has won every major award leading up to Oscar night and if he were eligible for a Spirit Award, he'd probably win that too. But does that mean fellow nominees Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington and Joaquin Phoenix should just kick back and enjoy the comedic stylings of host Seth MacFarlane? Probably. Cooper and Jackman have won acting awards when they haven't been up against DDL, but the Oscars don't have a best actor category for comedies and musicals.... More

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