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'Avengers' 'Argo' Soar, 'Twilight,' 'Prometheus' Stumble in Movies Without Pity Awards Poll Results

Posted by Derrick Deane on February 20, 2013

Voting has come to an end for the Movies Without Pity Awards and the results are in. The month-long awards season promotion from the folks over at found that fans are still in love with the Avengers, still bitter about Prometheus and have Ben Affleck's back.

While The Avengers earned only one Oscar nomination for best visual effects, Marvel's superhero team flexed their muscle winning eight categories including Best Movie of the Year, Best Blockbuster and Best Ensemble Cast.

Fans also showed love for Ben Affleck and his Oscar-nominated drama Argo. The film took Best Drama, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Most Welcome Appearance by a Former Friday Night Lights Star (Kyle Chandler).

On the flip side of the movie-verse, fans slapped Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 with the Worst Sci-Fi/Fantasy Movie, Movie You're Most Ashamed You Paid to See, Worst Supporting Actress (Kristen Stewart) and Least Intimidating Villain "honors" while Prometheus claimed Biggest Missed Opportunity and Least Satisfying Ending.

You can find the full results list over at, but here are a few highlights of what movie fans liked and disliked. Do you agree with these results?

Worst Movie of the Year: The Watch

Best Movie People Should’ve Seen: The Cabin in the Woods

Worst Supporting Actor: Tom Cruise (Rock of Ages)

Worst Supporting Actress: Kristen Stewart (Breaking Dawn Pt. 2)

Biggest Missed Opportunity: Prometheus

Least Super Superhero: Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher (Jack Reacher)

Least Satisfying Ending: Prometheus

Best Replacement: Anne Hathaway for Halle Berry (The Dark Knight Rises)

Worst Drama: The Vow

Best Comedy: Silver Linings Playbook

Worst Comedy: What to Expect When You're Expecting

Worst Screenplay: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Actor That Most Needs to Stick With TV: Katherine Heigl (One for the Money)

Best Cast in the Worst Movie: Dark Shadows

Worst Career Move by an Oscar Winner: Jennifer Hudson (The Three Stooges)

Best Scene Stealer: Rebel Wilson (Pitch Perfect)

Best Musical Moment: “I Dreamed a Dream” (Les Miserables)

Best Character Comeback: Catwoman (The Dark Night Rises)

Movie That Most Needs to be Remade in Ten Years: The Hunger Games

Movie That Most Needs a Prequel: Magic Mike

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