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Ben Affleck's 'Argo' Climbs Its Way to Top of the Box Office

Posted by Sean Oconnell on October 29, 2012

Blame “Frankenstorm,” which threatened the East Coast and kept residents in their homes and in front of their televisions for weather updates. Or point at a less-than-stellar slate of films. Either way, Ben Affleck’s Argo was able to climb to the top of a weak Top 10 in its third weekend, besting four disappointing newcomers. 
Affleck’s hostage thriller stars the actor-director as a CIA negotiator setting up a fake sci-fi movie as a cover to rescue Americans trapped behind enemy lines in Iran. The film has been holding a steady audience since its opening, and has benefitted from a lack of Oscar-caliber competition. That will change in the coming weeks. But the Best Picture-hopeful Argo has done its part by banking $60.7M in domestic dollars, and adding an additional $6.7M overseas (to date).  
The Halloween movies currently crowding multiplexes didn’t receive much of a holiday bump. Hotel Transylvania landed in second place on the weekend with a $9.5M tally, but the animated comedy already has banked $130.4M, meaning those who’ve wanted to see it likely have by this point.
Last week’s box-office leader, Paranormal Activity 4, meanwhile dropped an estimated 70% from its opening totals to earn $8.6M … good for a fourth-place finish. Silent Hill also got off to a slow start, nabbing $8M in its opening frame.
Warner’s experimental Cloud Atlas did OK in its opening weekend, squeezing $9.4M out of a curious crowd. Despite mixed reviews, the sprawling film posted a decent number even with its extended run time (2 hours, 52 minutes) and limited theater count (2,008).
Here’s the full Top 10 list for the weekend:
1. Argo, $12.3M, $60.7M 
2. Hotel Transylvania, $9.5M, $130.4M 
3. Cloud Atlas, $9.4M
4. Paranormal Activity 4, $8.6M, $42.6M
5. Taken 2, $8M, $117.3M
6. Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, $8M
7. Here Comes the Boom, $5.5M, $30.6M
8. Sinister, $5M, $39.5M
9. Alex Cross, $5M, $19.3M
10. Fun Size, $4M

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