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'Django Unchained' TV Spot Cranks Up Tarantino's Touches

Posted by Sean Oconnell on November 27, 2012

Hopefully our Tarantino Movie Guide has proved beneficial as you prepare for Django Unchained, the director’s eighth feature film and his first to pay tribute to the spaghetti western genre. 
But as you can see from the film’s latest TV spot, Tarantino is bringing most of his trademark elements to the time-tested format instead of changing his storytelling methods to fit a proven system. Once again, he’s leaning on a vengeance play, this time pitting a freed slave (Jamie Foxx) and a bounty huner (Christoph Waltz) against a vicious plantation owner (Leonardo DiCaprio) who stages slave bouts for fun. Django also serves as a search-and-rescue mission, as Foxx’s character seeks to save his wife from DiCaprio’s clutches. But Tarantino looks to serve up plenty of explosions to go with his seemingly explosive dialogue. 
Django Unchained still seems like an odd fit for a Christmas Day release. Are you planning on bringing your whole family to the multiplex for the latest QT joint? Still, if The Weinstein Company feels it has a serious Oscar contender in Django (as has been rumored), then getting it into theaters before the calendar year concludes is essential. 
The film co-stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kerry Washington and Walton Goggins. It opens on Dec. 25. Here’s the latest TV spot. Tell us what you think:

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