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How Sound Effects Created 'Flight''s Terrifying Plane Crash

Posted by Sean Oconnell on November 08, 2012

The coolest sound I’ve heard on screen so far this year – not a scene or a performance, but a sound – belongs to the hum of a refrigerator in Robert Zemeckis’ riveting Flight. If you caught the film after it opened last week, you know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you haven’t, that’s far from a spoiler … though I will tell you that when you hear the appliance’s hum, you will be perched on the edge of your seat, waiting to see what happens next. 
The latest clip from the informative movie Web site Sound Works Collection dives into the sound design of Zemeckis’ Flight. Watching the feature, you’re impressed by the amount of planning and thought that can go into massive scenes (like the plane crash that triggers Zemeckis’ narrative) as well as intimate scenes that capture Denzel Washington’s character at his lowest point. 
The director explains how his collaborators treat sound design like a character in the movie. That’s hardly an exaggeration, and it solidifies why it’s the little technical things that separate awards-worthy movies like Flight from the pack.
Give the following feature a spin, then surf the site for similarly informative clips on movies like Skyfall, Argo and Wreck-It Ralph. Then get to the theater and check out Flight, if you haven’t yet. It’s absolutely one of the 2012 movies that you need to see – and hear – on the big screen.

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