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Oscar Do-Over: Which Movie Really Should Have Won Best Picture at the Oscars?

Posted by Sean Oconnell on February 25, 2013

Congratulations to Ben Affleck, whose political thriller Argo took home the Oscar for Best Picture during Sunday’s telecast of the Academy Awards. 
In doing so, Affleck’s film bested the eight other nominees for Oscar’s top category. But what if Argo had to compete against EVERY movie that had come out in 2012? Would it still have emerged victorious on Oscar eve? Or would a different film have been your choice for Best Picture in 2012?
That’s our fun conversation starter for the morning after the Oscars: What movie really should have won Best Picture on Sunday night? Maybe you do think it’s Argo? But what if your choices weren’t limited to the nine excellent films nominated by the Academy? What if you could go off of the board and give the Oscar to any film that you wanted. Which one film would you choose … and why? 
I’ve gone on record as saying Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard’s The Cabin in the Woods was my favorite movie from 2012. And while I know that it never stood a chance of winning an Oscar, in a perfect world, it would have claimed a Best Picture trophy Sunday night for its ability to reinvent the horror genre and deliver a wildly original screenplay blessed with a twisty narrative that always kept the audience guessing. 
What about you? Would you have honored The Avengers for being the highest-grossing film of the year? Would you finally give Christopher Nolan an Oscar for his Batman trilogy? Or would you look to the fields of animation, documentary, foreign or independent film in which to bestow the Academy’s top honor? 
We’d love to hear your choices. Share them with us below! And read all of our up-to-the-minute Oscars coverage on our Awards Watch site. 
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Comment from: Becky Young
Puleeese. Not only was Argo not remotely the Best Picture, not the best Script in any Form or Fashion. Don't understand the Voting Process. Could it possibly be Political. Any of the Other Nominees was Far Far Better than Argo. Thank goodness he, Affleck, wasn't up for Best Director. But the Gowns were Gorgeous, and the Beards on many of the Men was Intriguing!!!!!
02 - 25 - 2013
Comment from: Frankie McGinnis
I think Flight should have won award.& Denzel Washington should have won
02 - 25 - 2013
Comment from: Kd
My favorite was Perks of Being a Wallflower.
02 - 25 - 2013
Comment from: C.A. Jacobs
Best pic: LIFE OF PI
02 - 25 - 2013

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