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Oscar-Nominated 'Beasts of the Southern Wild' Coming Back to Theaters

Posted by Sean Oconnell on January 16, 2013

Of the nine films nominated for Best Picture this year, eight remain in theaters and are able to be seen by curious Academy Awards trackers who like to say they’ve watched every movie singled out for Best Pic. Only Benh Zeitlin’s spectacular Beasts of the Southern Wild – which launched at last year’s Sundance Film Festival – was out of theaters and harder to track down. 

Fox Searchlight wisely wants to rectify that. 
The studio announced that Beasts – which earned a well-deserved four Oscar nominations – will return to theaters on Jan. 18. You can find the theater listings here, and the studio has said more locations will be added shortly. 
Here’s the movie’s trailer, to give you an idea what you might be in store for if and when you check Beasts out in a theater. It’s a marvelous piece of original storytelling, introducing the headstrong Hush Puppy (Oscar-nominated Quevenzhane Wallis) and the proud residents of Louisiana’s “Bathtub” neighborhood. It’s worth seeing in a theater just for the ability to hear Dan Romer and Zeitlin’s score through a multiplex’s speakers once again. 

And as we continue to track this year’s Oscar race, Mediabistro conducted a fascinating Q&A with Fandango Chief Correspondent Dave Karger, where he explained how he was able to parlay his passion for movies into his “dream job” as an Oscarologist. He dishes on Seth MacFarlane as an Oscar host, the “do’s and don’ts” of celebrity interviews and more. It’s a good read. Read it here.
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