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Sound Off: What was the Best Oscar-Nominated Movie You Watched In Theaters?

Posted by Erik Davis on February 22, 2013

Sound Off is a weekly theater-related discussion post here at Fandango where we talk about topical issues related to moviegoing.

Well, it's Oscar weekend, which means this week's discussion topic is about cats. Really cute cats. Like, completely irresistible cats. 

Or we can talk about the Oscars. That might make more sense.

Many of you will probably use the next couple of days to catch up with some of those movies that are nominated for Oscars, be them Best Picture nominees or films from other categories (I highly recommend watching all of the nominated animated movies). So while we figure out whether we're seeing one Oscar-nominated movie or an entire marathon of Oscar-nominated movies (yes those do exist; check your local theaters to see if they're hosting one), let's spend some time this weekend discussing the one Oscar movie we most enjoyed watching on the big screen.

This doesn't necessarily mean it's your favorite of all the Oscar-nominated movies, mind you. We're just looking for the one that just wowed you or moved you or made you want to stand up and cheer when those final credits appeared on the big screen. Perhaps it was Life of Pi and its dazzling special effects, or Argo's nail-biting finale. Heck, maybe like me you were completely smitten with Wreck-It Ralph because you grew up obsessed with 8-bit video games.

That's what we're digging into this weekend. Before the Oscars roll around this Sunday night, pop into our comments section and let us know which one of these Oscar-nominated movies you enjoyed watching the most on the big screen. Sound off below!

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Comment from: Heather
ARGO - It had so many redeeming factors and ti was done so well. Hats off to Ben Afflick for ARGO!
02 - 24 - 2013
Comment from: Kd
Life of Pi
02 - 25 - 2013

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